Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Get back to work!

The secret to keeping our prices low! Haha, Little Killian giving a helpful hand.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In The Pines

The Sequoia's  

For Kicks

Cutting the discharge

This stuff stinks

Dakota hard at work

In the mix

It's Privatized!

We were approached to do a run for the San Diego proto-punk band Privatized Air. Basic set-up, discharge base, black, yellow, red, and white. They were stoked! So were we! Check out there page

Raunchola Redux

Raunchola Productions

We printed some pretty cool shirts using ICC florescent ink. The pictures don't do the color justice, but check em' out. Also check out our friend Rich at his production site

Grey Helmet


Okay so those of you who are interested in boring silk screen lingo, here's the set-up.We used a 125 mesh screen for the discharge under base. The other 4 screens were all 155 mesh screens, we printed plastisol with 10% softhand added to each color. 

This job had a tight registration, so extra care was placed in our pre press set-up. Our good friend, and owner of Grey Helmet, Carlos Vasquez was well pleased! The extra care and added effort from color separation, color choice, and mesh count paid off. Check em' out!

What Going On?

Brotha, brotha...

So here are a few jobs that myself and Dakota so graciously completed these past few month.